Providing workforce solutions

Providing Workforce Solutions

Powering a Sustainable Workforce Across Industries

At Eco Workforce Partnership, our mission is to build an ethical, skilled labour force to drive environmental progress across sectors. While our roots are in the built environment and low carbon construction, we’ve rapidly expanded our workforce solutions to meet rising sustainability demands in other vital industries.

Built Environment: Constructing a Greener Future

The construction sector offers some of the biggest opportunities for emissions reductions through sustainable building techniques and retrofitting existing structures with energy efficient upgrades. EWP has been leading this charge by:

  • Developing comprehensive green construction training covering LEED certifications, net-zero building codes, renewable power systems integration and more.
  • Upskilling engineers, project managers and tradespeople in eco-friendly construction methods like timber framing, ultra-efficient insulation and electrification.
  • Partnering with builders, developers and architects to supply an ethically-recruited, empowered workforce on major low-carbon developments.
  • Working with trade associations to create apprenticeship pipelines into green construction careers.

Retrofit for Energy Efficiency and Resilience

Retrofitting our ageing building stock is crucial for creating sustainable, climate-resilient housing and infrastructure. We’re equipping workers with deep retrofitting skills like:

  • Energy audits and building performance analysis
  • Insulation and air-sealing
  • HVAC upgrades
  • Window/door replacements
  • Solar PV and battery storage installations

Our workforce solutions include partnering with local authorities, social housing providers and community groups to ethically recruit, train and manage residents to retrofit their own neighbourhoods.

Clean Energy and Circular Solutions

Of course, environmental action extends far beyond the built world. We continue expanding our services into sectors driving the low carbon transition, such as:

Renewable Energy Installation and Maintenance

With utility-scale partners, we supply skilled labour for large wind and solar farms. We also train residential solar technicians.

Environmental Remediation and Restoration

Our environmental consultants help revitalise brownfields into community assets and ecological habitats.

Circular Economy

We facilitate sustainable material sourcing and reuse through our Circular Economy Hub marketplace.

Hospitality and Healthcare

Even service industries can increase sustainability. We provide ethically-recruited talent pools for hotels, hospitals and care facilities focused on lowering their environmental footprints.

No matter the industry, Eco Workforce Partnership delivers comprehensive workforce services committed to labour rights, equity and empowering communities. We’re pioneering a new model of sustainability rooted in environmental AND social progress.

Prividein Workforce Solutions
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Prividein Workforce Solutions
EWP provides comprehensive sustainability workforce solutions across the built environment, renewable energy, remediation, hospitality, healthcare and more.
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