Delivering contracts

Delivering contracts

Sustainable Project Delivery at Every Scale

At Eco Workforce Partnership, our ethical workforce solutions power environmental initiatives of all sizes and complexities. Whether it’s a small local retrofit or a massive renewable energy installation, we have the capabilities to deliver successful, sustainable outcomes.

Fit to Supply: Partnership Foundations

Before any project, EWP works closely with partners to ensure they are “fit to supply” and meet all necessary standards. We provide training and advisory services to help organisations obtain relevant certifications and pre-qualify for procurement opportunities.

Our Partnership Development team collaborates with contractors, developers, public entities and community groups. We structure equitable partnership agreements aligned with our mission of fair labour practices and sustainability goals.

Small Scale: Building Capability

For small to mid-scale environmental projects, EWP supplies the skilled professionals required while coordinating all workforce administration and management. We can fulfil:

  • Residential and commercial retrofits and renovations
  • Solar PV installations
  • Community green space projects
  • Brownfield remediation and ecological restoration
  • And more…

We prioritise recruiting from and investing in the local communities around these project sites, creating sustainable jobs.

Larger Contracts: Prime Contractor Role

Once our annual turnover exceeds contract value thresholds, EWP can serve as the prime/Tier 1 contractor coordinating all subcontractors and workstreams on major infrastructure projects like:

  • Low carbon construction developments
  • Utility-scale renewable energy farms
  • Green transit and transportation initiatives
  • Waste management and circular economy systems
  • And more…

Our integrated supply chain model provides workforce planning, ethical subcontractor management, health/safety standards oversight, and transparent reporting to clients. We source subcontractor partners committed to sustainability and fair labour practices.

Equitable Subcontracting Strategies

Whether operating as the prime or fulfilling a specific scope, EWP prioritises contracting underrepresented businesses and worker-owned cooperatives as valued subcontractors and partners.

We build capacity through training and business advisory services to integrate disadvantaged businesses like minority/women-owned firms into the green economy. This creates sustainable economic opportunity alongside environmental progress.

Thanks to our diverse partner network, deep experience, and commitment to equity and empowerment, EWP can ethically deliver environmental contracts of any scope or complexity. We’re pioneering a new model for sustainability rooted in protecting worker rights and community wealth-building.

Get in touch to explore partnership opportunities on your next project!

Delivering Contracts
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Delivering Contracts
From small retrofits to major infrastructure, learn how EWP ethically delivers successful environmental contracts as a prime contractor or subcontractor.
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Eco Workforce Partnership
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