Building an Ethical Workforce for a Sustainable Future

Fair labour practices and worker empowerment are key to achieving environmental progress

The Story of the Partnership

Eco Workforce Partnership was formed by Ecowelle Limited, an ethnic minority-owned construction firm, and Crystalisr Co-operative Society, a platform co-op based in South London. Recognizing the acute labour shortage facing the green construction and environmental sectors in the UK, they joined forces to create an ethical workforce solution. As a not-for-profit partnership, EWP aims to operate transparently, treat workers fairly, and help create more worker-owned businesses.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to build an ethical market leader in workforce solutions and contract management for the emerging green economy. We envision a partnership that recruits and trains workers, manages large contracts ethically, and facilitates the creation of new worker-owned enterprises. Profits are reinvested into the partnership and shared with our loyal workforce through bonuses.


Workmen talking inside on a building site

Skills Training

EWP provides training to upskill workers for in-demand environmental roles. Our open access programs and bespoke contract training ensure our workforce meets the highest standards.

worker up high

Workforce Recruitment

We operate an ethical recruitment service and talent pool to connect skilled workers with environmental job opportunities, prioritising fair pay and conditions.

Eco building project

Contract and Procurement

For large-scale projects, EWP can serve as the Tier 1 contractor, coordinating a network of subcontractors and managing the full supply chain ethically.

2 workers in construction standing on eco project land

Circular Economy Mall

Leveraging our international networks, we facilitate sustainable sourcing of construction materials and resources for a circular economy.

Get Involved


— Become a Partner

Corporations and enterprises can join our partnership network to access our workforce, training resources, and project opportunities.


— Become a Trainee

Enrol in our training programs to gain high-demand environmental skills and access job opportunities through our talent pool.


— Become a Candidate

Skilled workers can join our ethical talent pool to find well-paid jobs with our partner employers committed to fair labour practices.

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